Friday, June 26, 2009

Play room

With the boys being so active now I had to have a place for them to go. So I rearranged the living room a little so it's now a "play room".

Love these

Monday, June 22, 2009

Grandpa Doug's trip

A typical night, hanging outside playing with the boys.

Some more from when Sandie was visiting

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Bath time

I have been giving the babies baths in the kitchen sink lately because they have become rather messy little guys since they are eating more types of foods...crackers, waffles, green beans etc. They have been getting about 3 baths a day after every meal! Well today I just put them all in the tub together for the first time and they all had a great time. Splashing and chewing on all of the toys and laughing at each other!

Grammy and Auntie Joc

Ryan didn't want to sleep during nap time so that is why he is the only one in the pictures! He is good at sneaking in that 1 on 1 time...I am just starting to figure this out!

As you have probably noted on the other Brown blogs my Mother in Law and Sister in Law just came into town for a long weekend. It's always so nice having Sandie here. She is totally hands on and basically takes over when she gets here so I get a nice guilt free break. The boys adore her and she is absolutely in love with them too. I didn't pull out the camera too much because there always seemed to be someone else taking pictures so I will post more pictures when I get them from the family.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Nap time

Well...Ryan and Dylan are starting to figure out some tricks...they can now sit up and see each other so on this special day I caught them. We have since lowered the crib so don't worry!

My cousin

My cousin Taylor came to visit and he is going to be an amazing father. He loved hanging out with the boys, infact, he watched them for a while so I could sit and relax. He loved it...or at least I did! His girlfriend Nikki was here too and I adore her. somehow the topic of Mickey Mouse came up I think because we were making fun of how just called her mickey... so by the end of the trip he was calling her "mouse".