Sunday, November 23, 2008

Ryan and Dylan

Justin and Daddy at the park

Colin took Justin to the park yesterday and here are some of the pictures...this kid has no fear all of a sudden

3 generations of the Brown's

I love this picture of the three of them!

Colin and Justin's visit to Grammy and Pappa Doug's

Here are some more pictures from their visit. Looks like they had so much fun, they even went down to the water to feed the ducks! It was a great "guys" trip!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Colin and Justin in Seattle

Had just a quick minute in between feedings and Justin's bath. Colin surprised the family for a trip to help his dad work on his house and visit with family. This is my most favorite picture of all time I think. I will post more later... Thanks Sandie!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

JD Playing around with Dad!

Here are a few pics of J.D. playing in the yard enjoying, enjoying the cooler weather and his favorite new treat. (He loves suckers!)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Th Grand Finale

Colin was the best. I pushed the babies around in the stroller with my mom and Colin took Justin to every door. A lot of people had their lights on but weren't answering the door, some even had decorations out but weren't home. It was a frustrating start. Justin even tried to walk into the first house we went to, he didn't quite understand. So we will forever go trick or treating with our kids to keep them safe!!!!! The second half of our adventure was so much fun. People in Arizona just sit outside with a table and their candy bowl and watch all of the kids. Can you imagine doing that in WA with the cold weather?? Poor Justin was sweating in his costume by the time we got home! All in all it was a successful adventure and we all had fun. OF course we had the cutest kid on the block!

The practice run

Well, trying to dress a 2 year old as many of you know is a task in itself. Trying to put a costume with a head piece on a 2 year old is something else... Justin hated it at first. But then for halloween my mom and I dressed him really fast before he knew what was going on then I threw the hat part on and quickly before he could freak out I asked him if we wanted to look in the mirror... he was all about that. He's kind of into checking himself out in the mirror right now so that seemed to work! He kept the costume on but then it was a task to get pictures, he has become rather camera shy, most on the ones I have are of him running away from me.

Hanging with my brothers

Justin can be really sweet with his brothers, he shares his toys and even gave them both his stickers!

Trying out the Bumbo

Ryan's neck is getting so strong so we decided to try out the bumbo. Dylan still has a few more tummy time sessions before his gets strong enough!