Saturday, April 17, 2010

Happy Easter

We had such a fun day. Justin started out by spending the night at my parents where they decorated eggs and learned all about the easter bunny. So when he woke up he had his first easter egg hung and yes with REAL eggs! Next we went over to Scottsdale to see my cousins, the Jorgensons and the boys had a blast! The girls hid a bunch of easter eggs and tried to show the twins how to find them. It was so cute to see how patient they were with them. Every time Ryan and Dylan would walk around the corner they were eating a starburst with the wrappper on it (that was fun the next day). Justin and I jumped on the trampoline together, that was pretty fun. And Justin basically followed Ashley and Sara around the whole time. Then we came home because the easter bunny also made a trip to our house....and here are a few snaps of the end of the day. Sorry, forgot the camera and was having too much fun to slow down and get behind the camera. Enjoy

Sunday, April 4, 2010

new Do

So i cut about 10 inches off of my hair...needed a change so I got one!

Grapes, Grapes and more Grapes!

Uncle Taylor and Mouse

Uncle Taylor was able to visit a few weeks ago with his girlfriend Niki (who Justin calls mouse for mickey mouse). Not many pictures as we were too busy having fun!

A fair to remember

There was a little fair in a parking lot by Justin's school and we kept driving by it and Justin kept asking if we could go and I said maybe on the everyday that week he kept asking then we all went on a saturday. There were about 10 people there, including the staff so we basically had the place to ourselves. Justin loved it!

Justins Bff and Ryan's girlfriend

I know its been a while... life has been busy, for all of us. Thanks for understanding.
On that note a while back I was able to babysit Justin's best friend Connor and his little sister Drew, who is also Ryan's girlfriend! It was so fun having them over! I loved watching Justin interact with his friend, someone his age that got all of his attention! And loved having Drew there! She is the cutest little girl ever! And she already runs Ryan around like shes the boss and he does everything she says. Love it.