Monday, September 29, 2008

Some cute ones of Justin

Our First Portrait as a family of 5

This is how we roll now!

My Mom's Birthday

For my Mom's birthday she wanted to take Justin to a kid's fair at the Cardinals stadium. They had a blast as you can see and they even rode a camel together. Usually Justin is kind of scared of rides, but he loved the camel ride!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

First Popcicle from the ice cream man!

Colin has been meaning to get Justin a popcicle from the ice cream man. Funny that the one in our neighborhood plays a hip hop version of the ice cream man songs! So We all ran out to the front yard to catch him and here is Justin enjoying his treat from daddy! It was really cute!

Our First day home alone!

Yesterday was my first day home alone with all three boys. We did good, Justin was in a great mood which helped since I am still recovering from the C-section and not able to chase him around as easy! Although he has figured out that when I am nursing, which is all of the time, that he can get away with more since I can't get up!

He helped me with the babies and we played together, then after nap time my friend Maria and her two kids came over for our first playdate in a while. We were both joking that our playdates now consist of 5 kids, not three! Justin was in heaven, they played so hard that he was exhausted last night. It was great! We tried to go for our nightly walk and he could barely ride his bike he was so tired!!!

Our First Walk

Colin and I think it's really important to socialize our kids, we want to be able to pick up and go whenever and were hoping we would be able to do the same with three kids now. We were pleasantly suprised that we can, it just takes a little longer. With Justin we had him out in public after only a few days of being in this world and we did the same thing with the twins. With in the first two weeks they have been to Frank and Lupes (a restaurant), Costco, the grocery store, the dr's office twice and for a few walks. The only pictures i have are of us going for one of our walks.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Welcome to our NEW Blog

Hi Everyone, we have decided to start a new blog that is geared towards our whole family....Colin, Brittany, Justin and the newest additions Dylan and Ryan. I gave birth to the twins on September 9th, 2008. Dylan looks almost identical to Justin when he was born with the same complexion and hair color. Ryan is our adorable little guy. He has red hair and fair skin and is so cute! He has been alert from the moment he was born. When his eyes are open, he looks around at everything. Dylan on the other hand is still on the sleepy side. They have been great so far. They only cry when they are hungry and sleep most of the time, which helps with the transition from having 1 to 3 kids. Justin really likes them. He gently pats their heads and tummies and says "hi baby brothers". He calls them baby Dylan and baby Ryan. i will post more once I get more pictures, it's been a little busy around here!