Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Zoo

When Sandie was in town we met the rest of the family and went to the zoo. Not as good as the Woodland Park Zoo but it was fun to get out as a family! We went to Frank and Lupe's one of our favorite Mexican restaurants afterwards and it was so much fun. It was a little stressful at first trying to get 6 kids and 5 adults situated but was really enjoyable once we all settled in. We had many people curious about how we had twins and triplets all together... one lady told us as we were leaving that she never would have known we had 6 kids at our table...always nice to hear. We do all have great kids!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

At the park with Grammy!

Hanging in the backyard watching Daddy

Great, Great Aunt Helen

Before Justin came along, my mom and I would travel to CA to visit my Aunt Helen every year for her Birthday. Well with our large family now it seemed to make more sense to have her come here this time. So We had a great weekend, went to dinner Saturday the 31st for her bday and then got together again for her real bday on the 1st. So much fun. It was also our first night out with a babysitter (2nd night out with out the kids in 5 months). So nice to have a mini break!

The Nursery

Not sure if I have posted pics of this but this is the nursery complete...babies and all =)

Jessica was a big hit!

So Jessica is the only one I know that doesn't exceed the weight limit and was able to go in the truck with Justin. He was soooooooo excited, he took her for a ride around the yard!!!!! So cute!